I have thought long and hard about starting this blog, but in the end I believe that by facing my fears I may inspire those around me to do the same.

I have bipolar disorder and have spent most of my life dealing with the highs and lows of this illness, however I have never been brave enough to speak about it. Mental illness as many people have experienced is often a taboo subject, it has a stigma attached to it.

Physical diseases garner sympathy and support, however psychological problems tend to be frowned upon and sometimes even seen as a sign of weakness. Well they aren’t!

I am not weak, I am strong and resilient. I am not a failure, I am focussed and determined. And yes, life is sometimes really difficult for me because I don’t experience the world around me as most people do. None-the-less I keep doing what I need to do in order to be who I need to be. Isn’t that what we all do in the end?

What I have however learned along the way is that compassion is beautiful, kindness is powerful, gentleness is strength, laughter is life’s essence and joy is to be celebrated and multiplied. No kind word is ever wasted and no thoughtful gesture is ever in vain.

I am blessed to have a really supportive family and a brilliant and caring medical team who go the extra mile to guide me through the rough patches and prolong the good times.

I have a mental illness but it doesn’t define me. It is just one part of who I am together with all the other aspects of me.



  1. p.s. I love the pictures you chose and your blog title! 😉
    I’m 46 and got diagnosed @ 37 with bipolar, peripartum onset, so I had a relatively late diagnosis as well. Blogging about it has helped me a great deal, and I’ve met some incredible writers who have become friends.


      • I get it!!! But you are already finding your way, and from reading the first few posts here, it’s obvious you’re an incredible person. You will get through this, learn from others, and be (pardon the follow cliche word) a true thriver. I know it.


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