Useful sites and links

I had spent many years, much time, huge effort and even more money trying to find out what on earth was wrong with me.

Finally last year after having what can only be called a dramatic and extremely upsetting episode did I finally find my way to the Akeso Crescent Clinic Treatment facility in Boskruin, Johannesburg. With the assistance of a brilliant psychiatrist and extraordinary psychologist I was finally given an accurate diagnosis and so begin the long road to mental health and mood stability.

In the process I tried to arm myself with as much information as possible and I hope that by sharing these links, you will be able to arm yourself with facts and insights, because we all know that knowledge is definitely power.

Crescent Clinic: Akeso Crescent Clinic

Mayo Clinic: Mayo Clinic

International Bipolar Foundation: International Bipolar Foundation

Depression and Bipolar Support:




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