A celebration of who I am

I wrote this on the 9th of August (Women’s day in South Africa), it was a dark day for me. I was feeling inadequate as a woman and wondering what on earth I had to celebrate. And then it dawned on me, I could simply celebrate the multi-faceted, chaotic woman that I am. Here are the words that ensued:


I am strong yet I am fragile

I am wild and also tame

I am brave in the face of danger

I am love and I know pain

I’m a stream, I am the torrent

I’m a fire, I am the rain

I am trust, I’m also fearless

I am the future, I am today

I’m the breeze, I am the lightning

I have depth and I am sky

I know sorrow, I know laughter

I’m the earth and I’m the flower,

I am fierce, I am gracious

I am great. I am small

I am the voice of broken heartbeats

I am the breath within a storm

I am woman, I am me!


By Heather Lee





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