One word – URGENT

via Daily Prompt: Urgent

  • This post deviates from my normal topics.
  • I love my child dearly. She is the light of my life.
  • I can’t bake. I am a domestic failure.

Previously I hadn’t really been inspired to use the ‘daily prompt’ as a thought starter for my blog. Lately that has changed. I am enjoying the challenge of looking at my life from different perspectives and exploring other avenues.

Today’s prompt is urgent and this is a concept I most certainly can relate to; my life can be described as a series or urgencies and emergencies!

This one is about being a single-parent working mom

Scenario: in a very formal conference with a very important client, waiting to do my presentation. Having a quick tea-break. Conference is running late.

Quick phone call to my child; –

Me: “Darling have you done your homework.”

school-1655571__340Child: “Yes. Do you want to know what happened at school today?”

Me: “Yes I really do, but I can’t chat now.”

Child: “Well, so and so, wouldn’t be friends with so and so and then teacher said that we must all be friends. So then….

Me: “I really can’t chat my darling, going back into my conference.”

Child: “Ok mommy, so that isn’t all that happened today …..”

Me: “Got to go now. Love you much! See you later. You can eat your dinner before I get home and let au pair help you to get bathed and make sure your bag is packed for tomorrow.” (Note to self, send sms to au pair.)

Child: “OK Bye mommy.”

Me: “Bye love.”

Child: “Oh mom!”

(Getting really impatient now, need to go back into conference. Others have already taken up their seats after a short tea break.)

Me: “Yes!”

Child: “It’s craft day tomorrow and its my turn to take cakes for the class.”

Me: “What! What are you saying to me?”

Child: “You have to bake cupcakes tonight with fancy icing in fancy cupcake holders.”

I’m being summoned into conference room.

Forget to say bye again, for the 3rd time. (Must remember to sms mom to find out if she can quickly bake cupcakes.)

cupcake-937906__340Agenda has been shuffled around and I am called upon to make the next presentation. All goes well and the conference continues. (Au pair has agreed to stay until I get home as conference is scheduled to end quite late).

Lots of discussions and interaction.

Conference finishes and I head home. Exhausted. Just as I am almost home, I remember the cupcakes. Too late to call mom. Shops are all closed. Panic. Start driving around like cray woman looking for shops that sell cupcakes. Eventually find stale muffins in a small convenience store alongside petrol pumps. They are the only food sort in store that come in any form of paper holder. Buy every one in the store. Also buy smarties and jelly-tots and condensed milk (will use these for decorations).

Get home exhausted. Thank au pair. Child is sleeping. Make muffins look like cupcakes and head to bed.

Child (next morning): “These are weird cupcakes mom. Are they cupcakes or muffins”.

Me: “The are very special cupcakes. Like the one’s that Barbie eats.”

Child: “Oh cool!”

I breathe a sigh of relief!

One urgency/emergency down, many more to come! Perhaps one day I’ll be a master juggler.








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