Daily Prompt: Tiny

via Daily Prompt: Tiny

Over the years I have learned, mostly by trial and error, that tiny things can become large things;-

Just as tiny drops of water become the ocean, so tiny words, thoughts and deeds are not inconsequential; – when joined together they have power to uplift, discourage, heal or destroy.

Tiny steps are also valuable. Tiny steps forward, even if they are the tiniest of tiny, still mean forwards and not backwards.

I realised over and over again in the past year that, tiny is good. There are days when tiny is a miracle. On bad days even the tiniest ray of hope keeps me hanging on. On sad days, the smallest shaft of light helps me make it though the day. On good days, the tiny footsteps I take forward contribute to my journey. Tiny becomes big. So often we see the insurmountable and then we don’t even begin the journey.

egg-1399131__340For most of my life I have been a ‘all or nothing’ person. This is not only frustrating but also counterproductive, because ‘ALL’ is all-consuming and eventually wears you down, until you are down to nothing. And, well, nothing is nothing.

This has been the hardest lesson for me to not only learn, but to actually put into practise. It’s about never giving up and just moving forward, even if all you can muster up is half a step forward, do it, because you’ll be moving forward.

I love the story about the tortoise and the hare; –

Having entered a race against the tortoise, the hare had full faith that he was faster than the tortoise. He was sure that the tortoise wouldn’t even be able to finish the race and so he took a nap on the side of the road. He was convinced that no matter what, he would beat the tortoise to the finish line.

The tortoise on the other hand set his mind to moving forward, albeit at a ‘snail’s pace’. He just kept going, one tiny step after another. He knew that he was much slower than the hare but he also knew that tenacity and consistency paid off. Moving slowly, he kept moving forward.

The hare slept for quite some time and then slowly got himself back into the race. What he didn’t realise wa that the tortoise had long since passed him and had made it to finishing post.


Full of arrogance the hare sauntered along and rather nonchalantly crossed the line. Arrogantly he demanded his prize and trophy. To his utter surprise and dismay he was refused the winner’s award as it had already been taken. He was livid and demanded to know who had robbed him of winnings. The tortoise then slowly and confidently stepped forward and made it known that he was the winner.

Needless to say the hare was speechless and the tortoise was absolutely delighted.

The moral of the story:

Hare had a ‘all or nothing’ approach and this cost him the race, but tortoise just kept slowly moving forward and this won him the race.

Tiny becomes big. Taking one small step at a time we can make great strides towards healing and fulfilment.

All it takes is one tiny step after another.

The end.


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