African song for the place of my heart l

Here’s an ode to the sons and daughters of Africa!

An African Song

There is something so magical about Africa!

Your heart beats to the echo of a thousand foot hills, it doesn’t purr, it doesn’t glide, it’s reverberates.

There’s magic in your soul, it’s felt in the long languid sunshine days, the calling of the cicada beetles, the cool shade under an African tree, the silence of an African night.

Children of Africa know how to breathe in long streams of heavy air, they inhale and they exhale, they fill their lungs.

There’s power in their voices, a flashing in their eyes, they’ve run barefoot, they’ve drunk from clear mountain streams, they’ve heard the lion roar and seen the elephant’s great frame, they’ve hidden in caves and clambered over hilltops, they’ve slept under a thousand stars in the cool midnight air,  they’ve listened for sounds in the inky black night.

Children of Africa have dived into deep pools,  they’ve stood on rocks and called to the wind.

Children of Africa have hidden in long golden grass, they’ve walked beside the burbling river, they’ve heard the ocean’s crashing waves, they’ve tasted salt, they’ve felt the sting of an angry sun, they’ve swallowed raindrops and shouted up at thunderous skies.

Children of Africa have walked hand in hand through great valleys and over purple glazed mountains, they’ve sat silently at gravesides and carried injured animals home.

Children of Africa have danced with fire and gazed through flames, they’ve held the moon in their hands and felt sand on their palms.

Children of Africa have laughed in the blackest night and cried for the newborn lamb, they’ve spun the silk of a spider’s web and laid down at the end of the day.

Children of Africa have followed the trail to the highest peak, they’ve washed their sorrows in muddy pools, they’ve touched heartache and trailed antelope.

Children of Africa have lived a hundred sorrows and more hundred tears, yet their laughter reaches from the inland to the shores.  They have found the eagles nest and rooted themselves under the spread of a thorny tree.

Children of Africa live!


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