Daily Prompt: Irksome

via Daily Prompt: Irksome

how irksome she said

to be misunderstood,

more than irksome

hurtful, disrespectful,

soul destroying

my daily fight


afraid to embrace their own darkness

uncomfortable with mine,

pleasantries, trivial, glib


small from them

large to me,

scratching at my heart

banging on my head

burying me in worthlessness,

who are they to think I’m feeble

who are they to say I’m weak,

don’t they know I have immense strength,

i cling to hope

i clutch what’s left of my self esteem

i run when i can

i swim even when I’m drowning

i walk when i am weary

i show them that i am strong,

they don’t see

for their eyes are blind


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