via Daily Prompt: Maddening



On hold. Number 68. Phone disconnected. Place lost. Maddening.

Typing typing. Important document. Long document. Screen freezes. Forgot to save. Maddening.

High heels. Important meeting. Cobbled paving. Broken heel. Maddening.

Shopping. Shopping. Busy Day. Find dress. Try to pay. No purse. Maddening.

Overslept. Rushing. Search for keys. Search for phone. Deadline to meet. Flat tyre. Maddening.

Early morning. Still dark. Bedroom door. Misjudgment. Broken toe. Maddening.

Romantic dinner. White silk blouse. Tomato pasta. Red stain. Maddening.

Favourite show. Working late. Recording scheduled. Power cut. Nothing saved. Maddening.

Dinner cooking. Rare roast beef. Telephone call. Charred meat. Maddening.

Grocery shopping. Products bought. Eggs included. Drop shopping bag. Yellow everywhere. Maddening.

Patience needed.






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