New approaches


New years resolutions are so ‘yesteryear’,

new approaches are liberating and empowering 



2016 has been one of the hardest years for me. There were great times, good times, trying times and very difficult times.

Although life carried on as normal, I was dealing with my own personal demons and challenges.

I also lost my beloved Lulubelle (my shiny black Sharpei). This shattered a piece of my heart in a way that can never be mended.

Despite the bad stuff, good has prevailed and I leave this year with following knowledge that I will take into 2017; –

2017-happy-new-year-8Beauty can be found in the most unexpected places, if you just open your eyes and your heart.

Learn the lesson the first time around, it shouldn’t have to be necessary to learn it a second or third time around. That becomes soul destroying.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but also remember that plastic as well as diamonds can be shiny.

Never ignore the small voice inside of you; – It hears things your ears can’t, sees things that you have missed, feels things you can’t comprehend, knows things beyond your frame of reference.

Don’t be afraid to let your light shine. It not only illuminates your path, it also brighten the paths of those around you.

If something scares you, you need to make yourself scarier in order to defeat it.

Keep the good and unceremoniously dump the bad.2017-happy-new-year-2

Don’t worry about what others think of you, they are too busy worrying about their own stuff to notice yours.

Count your blessings often, this what propels you through bad times.

And lastly, pour your efforts into things that have value.


Wishing you joy, wisdom and hope for the new year!


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