What unique discoveries have you made?

I am truly blessed to have a beautiful garden; my garden brings me great joy! After a long dry spell in Johannesburg, we have been blessed with glorious refreshing rain which has given my private little eden a song to sing.



This afternoon I took a walk around my garden with my exuberant (and dashingly handsome) Benjamin, the Spaniel. We discovered hidden plants growing in mossy corners. We discovered a little red robin hopping around. We also discovered new shoots on our frangipani tree. We indulged in the heady fragrance of summer blooms and were also blessed with a glorious array of exotic summer colours.

This reminded me of ‘The Secret Garden’ which was my favourite story book as as a child. It’s a most enchanting story of a orphaned girl who is sent to live in the British countryside with her eccentric, sad and mostly absent uncle and her over-protected, hypochondriacal cousin, in a gloomy and tragic mansion.

She discovers a neglected secret garden and experiences joy and wonderment as this garden comes to life in springtime.  At the same time she witnesses the dreary, stifled household find exuberance and regain their joie de vivre.




“There is no such thing as the pursuit of happiness, but there is the discovery of joy.” – Joyce Grenfell


I’ve been thinking about this and mulling over the magic of discovery, because ultimately one of the greatest joys in life is discovery.  Discovery enlightens, sparks new thoughts, gives life to ideas and opens eyes.

discovery“Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Our lives are constantly evolving and we owe it to ourselves to look upon change and uncertainty as a voyage of discovery rather than a daunting and scary process.

Admittedly some discoveries are not good; we however should not allow these discoveries to taint our perspective and limit our journey going forward. We also should not allow negative discoveries to keep us chained to a place and time. Rather we should learn from them and allow them add to our personal collection of experience, wisdom and uniqueness.

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude!” – William James


Amazing discoveries can be made at every turn of the road and around every corner. I believe that if do away with preconceptions, prejudice and negativity, we open ourselves up to the liberation of ‘discovery’.

Upon reflection I’ve remembered an abundance of discoveries which have enriched my life. I have discovered that;-


  • in times of great sadness and heartache true friendship exists, people care and goodness abounds
  • in moments of distress and panic, strangers can be kind;- people I’ve never met before have come to my assistance
  • a setback or delay can actually be God’s way of keeping us from harm, from danger or disastrous outcome
  • in my darkest moments I am strong, resourceful and resilient
  • the smallest act of kindness, a smile, a genuine compliment and a kind gesture can actually make the world of difference
  • making mistakes isn’t the end, it isn’t fatal; it’s just the platform for a new, wiser and more creative approach
  • loving unconditionally is a reward in itself
  • being a mother is a magnificent privilege
  • a good attitude begets a good attitude


On a lighter note I have also discovered that;-


  • keys always go missing when you’re running late for an extremely important meeting
  • wearing yellow makes me look positively jaundiced
  • if something sounds too good to be true, it is just that, too good to be true
  • using roaming data on international trips is tantamount to bankruptcy
  • there is no wonder diet for sustainable weight loss
  • a secret shared is no longer a secret
  • cars don’t run on gas fumes
  • predictive text can cause great embarrassment
  • clean dogs love mud
  • wearing stiletto heels when you’re walking on a cobbled walkway is truly a bad idea

“Learning is the discovery that something is possible.” Fritz Perls


Life is about discovery


“My invitation to you is to begin living every moment as though you are miraculous and deserve to live an extraordinary life. Fake it if you must and keep faking it until it’s real to you. The gift you will be giving yourself is a lifelong journey of discovery, one that is infinite and infinitely rewarding. Begin the journey. Today. This moment.”

Robert White


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