Love slipped through my fingers

love slipped through

my fingers

like liquid gold

it could not be held,

i wanted solid love

filling me up

making me strong

i was wrong,

love melts

it pours

it dries

it flows

it’s a torrent

then a trickle

the ocean

then the shore,

it has no boundaries

just free accord

it  won’t be ignored,

love moves as it wants

it will not planned

love can not simply

be held in a hand.



  1. Here’s a poem of mine

    It was a magnificent collision.
    All broken glass,
    twisted metal,
    blood on the seats.
    They thought it was the crash
    that killed her,
    but they were misled
    by torn flesh
    and jagged bone.
    They did not see the damage done during more private incidents.
    You see,
    it was not his leaving that destroyed her,
    but all the years he stayed.

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