via Daily Prompt: Successful



There are many faces of success

None of them the same

Each of them unique,

What is for me, is not for you

What is for you, is not for me

Success is personal and relative. Success is a feeling of fulfilment that is unique to you. It is the thing that satisfies your deep desires, personal goals, special dreams and real needs. To believe that success can be defined is to be ignorant.


Success does not come packaged in fame, power, riches and wealth. It is much more that that. These things may appear to point to success, however to the powerful man who is battling an addiction, power does not make him powerful. To the film star who is abandoned by a lover, hurt ‘out feels’ fame. And, the rich man whose best friend betrays him, learns that riches can’t buy friendship and trust.

Society’s definition of success is the cause of much turmoil, trauma, dejection and hurt. Give up on false standards, take hold of what is true to you.

Your life with all its facets, eccentricities, aspects and intricacies is of way more value than aspiring to a stereotypical, generalised, commonly accepted, explanation of success.

Write your own definition of success.








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