Ruby in my life


Exactly seven days ago I adopted a new furry baby, Ruby.  I had already thought of a few names for my little Yorkshire Terrier. However when my daughter, my sister and I fetched her from the breeder, none of the names resonated with this little bundle of specialness that we were bringing home with us.

Driving home my daughter said “RUBY!” and it was as if a bit of magic blew in through the window and brought the name ‘RUBY’ to life.  Sadly a day later Ruby became really ill and was diagnosed with biliary (the human form of tick bite fever). It was touch and go for a few days as the vet tried to kill this horrible virus in such a small little body. Anyway, Ruby, our little gem, survived and made a spectacular recovery.

The support I received from all over was incredible and I was overwhelmed by the way in which my family, friends, colleagues and even acquaintances rallied behind Ruby.  img_4769

I was of course unspeakably angry with the breeder who hadn’t taken proper care of my baby. The vet felt that had I not adopted Ruby when I did, she would not have survived.

Little Ruby was introduced to the world via social media and so when she became ill, I posted this on social media as well;- that’s where the love started flowing. I’m not sure whether the thought of such a fragile little thing being so ill just touched many hearts or whether the fragility of life presented itself. Either way, it was simply wonderful to see and feel the kindness and thoughtfulness that emanated from far and wide.

Ruby’s recovery has been astounding. I’m sure that all the love, prayers and genuine concern gave her strength and willed her to fight for survival. This experience so early in her life will no doubt have made her resilient and tenacious and I will forever be in awe of the strong spirit present in such a tiny little thing.


Today, for the first time, I saw the real Ruby in action; feisty yet gentle, resolute but playful, charming yet adamant and of course ridiculously beautiful. My mother (her now adopted granny and ardent fan), has also proclaimed her to be the most intelligent dog in the world, and so she is.

Benjamin the Cavalier (Ruby’s handsome brother)
(It must also be noted that her handsome and charming furry brother, Benjamin the Cavalier, is decidedly put out by her arrival and the pursuant attention she has received. It also didn’t help that she bit his long silky ear today while trying to enjoy her life to the fullest. And yes, we are unashamedly spoiling him and lavishing him with love, too!)

The ‘bite’
Ruby and I developed an instant bond, just like she was sent to me and I was sent to her. I do believe that angels come in all shapes and sizes and perhaps she is an angel meant for me.  Anyway, whatever the reason, Ruby has touched my heart in such a powerful way and I know that she will continue to do so for many years and for many other hearts. I just hope that I can do the same for her.

Welcome to my life, my precious Ruby. It’s amazing how someone so small can take up so much room in a heart.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who played a role in Ruby’s recovery! There is much goodness in this world.


PS. Benjamin the Cavalier is still refusing to make eye contact with Ruby, I suspect he will for quite some time.


Ruby in recovery






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