via Daily Prompt: Glitter

When I read that the daily prompt was ‘glitter’, I immediately knew that I would have to write about the sparkle and shimmer of life.  So here is my disco ball post; –



“Good morning to you my madame

and how can I help you today

I have glitter in fabulous colours

to take your dullness away.”


“Good morning dear sir my good man

what an awfully rude thing to say

instead of being badly belittling

perhaps find a subtler way”


“Why madame you look sad and tired

your skin has pallor so grey

your neck looks just like a rooster’s

and your chin is beginning to sway”


“Dear sir I find that offensive

how could you use words of despair

how could you make fun of my ageing

and poke mock at my wearing and tear”


“Good lady you misunderstand me

I have your best interest at heart

there is no need what so ever

to play such a dreary old part”


“Dear man your words are confusing

I understand nought that you speak

for life after youth is depressing

as your light grows dim and quite bleak”


“Dear lady, youth is but time

you are hiding your best light away

when you shine your brightest bright brightness

your age is no longer in play”


“Dear sir I am starting to see now

what you mean about glitter and shine

I fear I have not the means

to make the ‘sparkliness’ mine”


“Oh lass of endurance and courage

take heart for the sparkle is thine

apply each morning when waking

to make your day instant divine”


“Take handfuls of crazy laughter

and mix them with flowers and sky

find friends who are daft and delightful

who sing with you, dance and who cry”


“Then shake up your life with some riot

take on things with your passion divine

blow kisses at people who pass by

and don’t make your bed before nine”


“Just be who you really are really

it’s no shame to be older and wise

you’ve done your bit for the world

now blink and then open your eyes”


The glitter will be right before you

bright pieces, sublimest display

take as much as you need and as often

to give you a twinkle filled day”


“Thank you sir, I am ever indebted

you have given me reason to smile

please help me kick start my twinkle

let me take you home for a while.”










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