About the Author


Heather Lee



I started writing this blog in order to journal my strange life and the crazy journey that ultimately resulted in a bipolar diagnosis at the age of 46.

Writing is my catharsis and over the short lifespan of this blog I have begun to share various other thoughts I have (and have had) along the way and also explore different writing styles.

This in itself has been a wonderful adventure for me; allowing my inspiration to follow whatever route felt best.

Recently it dawned on my that the ‘eclectic-ness’ of my blog is a true reflection of who I am as a person. I realised that limiting myself to a single topic and defined style of penmanship would not be a representation of the real me. It would not be authentic.

After so many desperate years of trying to fit in and be what I thought I was expected to be, I have come to the liberating realisation that I am who I am, and that’s more that OK!

So welcome to my blog in which my squirrels dance randomly and wildly in whichever style and direction they choose.

I hope you enjoy the rhythm and beat of my posts and of course feel free to express your thoughts and opinions too.

Love always

Heather Lee.


One comment

  1. Hello Heather this is John (shamedocotor1). I look forward to hearing from you. And so you know, everything we discuss is completely confidential. My purpose is to help you and if you ever feel at any time it is not, you are welcome to stop. I do this because it is my passion and if I am not successful or you do not feel comfortable with me, I will understand. Looking forward to chatting with you soon.


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