Just a little bit of nonsense

I wasn’t quite sure how to right something about ten for the ‘daily prompt’ …. so here’s just a little bit of nonsense really …..


ten fingers, ten toes: a blessing

ten deadlines missed: you’re stressing

ten years in a life: a decade

ten hacks for the i-cloud: a tech aid

ten things to do: a list

ten folded fingers: double fist

ten minutes to one: twelve fifty

ten sidewards glances: you’re shifty

ten thoughts of love: heartwarming

ten gushy lines: you’re charming


ten lines about ten: unimpressive

ten lines about love: expressive

ten little lies told: a liar

ten betrayals by you: pariah

ten folds in a skirt: it’s pleated

ten bums on a chair: they’re seated

ten horses on track: a derby

ten green blobs with sushi: wasabi

ten cakes and champagne: a party

ten paintings on canvas: you’re arty


ten silly things: just silly

ten lacy things: it’s frilly

ten cats in a row: a cattery

ten kicks, ten punches: a battery

ten bushes, ten trees: a shrubbery

ten hard spongy parts: it’s rubbery

ten noses on faces: ten kids

ten tops for pots: ten lids

ten times too fast: it’s racy

ten stars and a moon: it’s spacey


one times ten

two times five

fives times two

ten times one,

and now i’m done.


Queen of Follywood

via Daily Prompt: Folly

I haven’t written a ‘Daily Prompt’ post in a while. As much as I enjoy stretching my brain in different directions, towards the end of the work year my brain has had no more elasticity and no capacity for stretch.

I am now officially on holiday for 18 blissful consecutive days, and so I have decided to take up the challenge once again.

When I saw the word ‘folly’, I knew that this prompt was meant for me, it even works with my name; Heather Folly Lee Lee Lee. Sounds a bit like a Christmas song to me.

Folly: lack of good sense or normal prudence and foresight, tragically foolish actions. 


Based on this definition I am the queen of Follywood;-

Folly is my talent

And talented I be

For I can find a folly

Each day inside of me,

I folly in the work place

Misjudging steps and stairs

Saying things I shouldn’t say

And tripping over chairs,

I folly in the grocery store

By buying stupid things

Like mustard pots in polka dots

Large laundry bags with strings,

I folly while I’m eating

I miss my mouth most days

I gather food around my plate

In the most creative ways,

I folly in my kitchen

By leaving things to burn

Like potatoes in a roasting pan

And pancakes I don’t turn,

My folly is my fancy

It’s what makes me truly me

It separates me from the rest

Heather Folly Lee Lee